XMedia Recode

Video tab


Add video stream
change the order of the video streams
change the order of the video streams
remove video stream
Bitrate calculator


Imports external video streams


Determines whether the video is encoded or copied.


Determines which video codec is used for encoding.


Sets the language that the player displays when playing.


The FourCC code is used to identify the required decoder within AVI files.


Sets the delay of the video stream.

Positive values start the stream later.

Negative values start the stream earlier.


Sets the frame rate in frames per second.

Rate control mode

Sets the control mode for video encoding. The choices depend on the available video codecs.

Maximum bitrate.

Sets the maximum allowable peak bit rate that can be used when encoding highly moving scenes.

Minimum bitrate

Sets the minimum allowed bitrate in the video sequence.


Specifies how many threads should be used for encoding.

Color mode

Allows you to make changes to the color settings.
Which color mode you can choose depends on the video codec used.

Display mode

  • Progressiv
  • Interlaced TFF (Top field first)
  • Interlaced BFF (Bottom field first)

GOP (Group Of Pictures) length

A GOP is an interval from I-frame to I-frame.