XMedia Recode

MP3 - Codec settings

MP3 - Codec settings


Specifies whether the audio track is encoded or copied.


Specifies which audio codec is used for encoding.


Sets the language that the player displays when playing.


Sets the stream delay.

Sample rate

MP3-Codec Sample rate

Specifies the sample rate.

The higher the sample rate, the richer the sound. The values are between 8000 and 48000 Hz.

Rate control mode

MP3-Codec: Rate control mode

  • CBR (Constant bitrate)
  • VBR Default
  • VBR Old
  • VBR New

CBR (Constant bitrate)


Sets the bitrate. A higher bit rate improves the sound quality but also increases the size of the file. Values are between 32 and 320 kbps.

VBR Default

Minimum bitrate

Sets the minimum permitted bitrate. Values are between 32 and 320 kbps.

Maximum bitrate

Sets the maximum permitted bitrate. Values are between 32 and 320 kbps.

VBR Quality

VBR quality is denoted from 9 to 0, with 0 being the best.

  • VBR 0
  • VBR 1
  • VBR 2
  • VBR 3
  • VBR 4
  • VBR 5
  • VBR 6
  • VBR 7
  • VBR 8
  • VBR 9


  • Mono
  • Stereo
  • Joint Stereo (Analyzes the differences between the right and left channels and removes the duplications, allowing better compression.)


  • Normal(Q=5)
  • Low (Q=9)
  • High (Q=2)
  • Voice
  • R3Mix Preset
  • Very high quality (Q=0)
  • -alt-preset standard
  • -alt-preset fast standard
  • -alt-preset extreme
  • -alt-preset fast extreme
  • -alt-preset insane
  • -alt-preset ABR
  • -alt-preset CBR

Highpass (Hz)

  • Set highpass filter cutoff below frequency

Lowpass (Hz)

  • Set the lowpass filter cutoff above frequency